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600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,100 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

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#15 – Mix Tape

Daily Prompt : Put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails. 

1. I grew up listening to Radio 4 and my parent’s cassette of Engelbert Humperdink, ABBA, The Beatles, Elvis ,and  Cliff Richard among others.  Put that funky music, brown girl ; was my childhood.

2. My teenage years was the era of boy bands, girl bands and diva’s.  You’re not the cool cat if you don’t know each of them, and their dance moves. And you have to like one person that ” defines” you. For me it was Sporty Spice, Howie D. and JC Chasez.

3. Early adulthood was an explosion of life’s lesson. About how life is full of trial’s, about getting up after you have fallen again and again. The importance of having people that loves you no matter what. All songs come and go, but u2 Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own always stuck by.  Something about u2 songs that strucks me deep.

4.  The start of my soul-searching.

5. Now, and what I hope in the future. Insyaallah. My prayers only He knows best. Amin 🙂

Tetam talks

Khalil : well..you can’t choose your Mak Ngah


Mak Ngah suka buat muka bila ‘mbik  gambag. taktau pasaipa.

I guess she’s okay.

Tapi besh bila dia mula nyanyi lagu-lagu kat cheq. Banyak sungguh lagu dia tau.

Sebab besh Mak Ngah suka boh nama cheq dalam lagu tu…macamni lagu dia ” There is a little boy, whose name is Khalil Amshar…Kha-lil-Am-Sha-ri, Kha-lil-Am-Sha-ri,Kha-lil-Am-Sha-ri, Khalil was his name-0..”

‘Dian cheq goyang badan cheq kiri kanak kiri kanan sebab besh sangat. Hehehe.

Ibu dengan Tok cheq  jumpa hari-hari. Mak Ndak pon kerap jugak tapi dia kadang-kadang mai tidoq sat, kemudian baru mai mein dengan cheq. Rambut Mak Ndak cheq suka tarik dan tampaq muka dia.

Mak Ngah dia jarang-jarang mai, tapi bila dia mai riuh satu rumah dari pintu depan dah tau dia mai.

‘Dian dia suka ambik buku dan baca kat cheq. Cheq dok ataih dia then kunyah hujung buku ja. Kalau ada gambag besh-besh cheq suka cium dan tampar banyak kali. Sukanya!

dia nampak dak cheq buat-buat dengag padahai dok seluk beg dia…

Hobi cheq la adalah seluk. Kalau nampak Mak Ngah pegang gelas saja..teruih merangkak pi kat dia buat-buat nak minum. Then cheq letak mulut kat gelas, then buat bunyi ” Aaaaaaa…….aaaaaaa” untuk mengalih perhatian. Bila Mak Ngah ketawa ja, teruih cheq seluk sebelah tangan dalam ayaq minum.

Bapak dan Ibu gelak ja kat tepi sebab tau dah taktik cheq. Hehehe.

Bekaih DVD Bapak fevret jugak. Dan beg Mak Ngah: banyak btui benda.

laptop Mak Ngah adalah taman permainanku

Slalu dok tengok Ibu, Bapak, Mak Ngah, Mak Ndak dok tekan-tekan benda hitam ni. Geram jugak.

Satu hari, Mak Ngah dok tekan-tekan depan cheq, cheq geram jugak terus pi tepuk-tepuk benda ni..seronok btui. Patutla depa semua dok tekan-tekan. Macam terer kan cheq. Hehehe.

Mak Ngah cakap kat Ibu ; ” Khalil punya terer mein laptop sampai dia boleh tukaq font FB jadi lein terus ..”


Guess what?

Gigi cheq dah tumbuh!

Cheq dah besaq dah.

Nanti dah boleh jalan nak suruh Mak Ngah bawak keluag tengok meowington kat bawah yang suka teguq cheq.

Jangan bagitau Ibu..shhh.

The Metaphore of North South Expressway

(dipetik dari website Probitas Et Fides)

Its one of those days when i felt really ugly.

I look in the mirror before i go out and wondered “what the hell am i wearing?”.

People around seems to be going somewhere and doing something or achieving something.

Luckily, the wage just came in and i splurged on a few clothes.

Its a wonder what shopping does to your mood. Amazing.

And to top it, i have to be the solo-driver back to Kedah.

I always get this nervous jitter when faced with something i need to take charge in.

” Oh Ya Rabb. 6 hours..will i be able to do this? What if my car broke down in the middle of nowhere? What if i get sleepy? What if I feel that i can’t drive anymore?What if..?”

Luckily, my Ma is beside me to give me the moral support.

Alhamdulillah, i arrived at my hometown 6 hours after i started driving from Kota Damansara. Elated and feels therapeutic.

What have i learnt from this experience?

#1 – The Power of Do’a – silly to say that i learnt the doa for travellling from my students as they have to stand in line and recite it before finishing the day. We may plan and plan but if He is Most Powerful upon our fate. (yes , i do say the prayer in a sing-song-ey melody like they do).

#2 – Expect the Worst – though my next routine car check-up is in August, i still asked for the petrol station attendant to check whatever is necessary for a long trip.  Along the drive i saw many cars sided on the emergency lane and Thank Allah i was not one of them.

#3 – To Achieve a High Goal, set a few small goals and when upon reaching it, reward yourself – 6 hours driving is daunting. ” So okay i aim to reach Tapah first then stop for a drink. ” ” Great, let’s aim for Sungai  Perak and stop for gas” ” Phew, lunch at Gunung Semanggol-lah alang-alang” ” Now, let’s drive all the way home..and eat at Marrybrown Giant!”

#4 – Set your standards, and try your best to achieve it – Unconciously, ( now that i realise it) when i drive long distance i try not to be directly behind a car; meaning i feel the need to overtake every car in front of me until there is a great gap between cars. Only in that gap that i pull back and stay in the middle lane..until i came up to a car in front of me. And the “game” begins again. Then out of the blue., it’s my next pitstop 500m away.

#5 – Obstacles sometimes is a time to sit back and relax, and panic will just confuse you-  I came upon a traffic after a long non stop drive, then i decided just relax and daydream to the music. Then turns out it was a police roadblock and i panicked and searched for my driving license and couldn’t find the recent one. Afterwards at the next pitstop, turns out the ‘old’ one was the recent one because i wrongly looked at the renewal date.

#6-  Be thankful for what happen to you, and what did’nt, because ALLAH knows better – I came upon another traffic and kept mumbling and complaining..then to realised that it is because of an accident. I thanked ALLAH that i was not involved in it because i am sure the lorry just overtook me minutes ago.

#7- The importance of cheerleaders in the race of life – My mom is such a great co-driver. She tries to be awake most of the time because she knows her sleeping will get me ‘infected’, and she is such a joker that kept me awake laughing my head off. I love you Mama!

#8- Life is like a movie. Choose the right soundtrack to get in the mood – My car is still CD based (as opposed to USB-readied nowadays)  but i have no recent songs. So i go through all the radio stations along the way, through all the states searching for the songs that i can sing to. ( My sister and me always duet a do-able songwhile driving, like The Boy is Mine).

Like a saying in Malay , ” Gold rain showers in other people’s place, (but) stone  rains in in own’s place, but it it always better in owns place..”

Hoping to have a great rest in Kedah. Amin.

Tu Tice Wit Lev

Hari Guru 2012.

Perayaan yang tergesa-gesa akibat sampai surat perlu juga meraikannya pada 16 Mei walaupun sebenarnya merancang pada tarikh yang lebih lewat.

Dalam kekalutan menanda kertas ujian peperiksaan pertengahan tahun, berjaya juga berlangsung yang majlis  low profile.

Low-profile maksud bagi saya memang tiada gambar langsung diambil.

Tapi tetap bersejarah sungguh.

Ingin saya kongsikan beberapa kad ucapan hari guru DIY dari murid saya. CHOM-ELL.

:: i heart you too::

:: i heart you too::

Ceritanya : Saya merupakan guru kelas kepada kelas yang sebelah koperasi sekolah. So kebanyakan budak-budak ada akses yang dekat dan cepat kepada ‘barang mentah’. Satu perkara yang baik dan buruk pada waktu yang sama.

Si comel di atas merupakan one of those really good behaviour students. The ones that when everyone talks and jumps and run in the classroom, and you turn around to shout “Eiiiiiiiiiii!!” and you would see her at her own place being really silent and doing her own stuff.

Dia adalah antara 2 budak dalam 41 murid yang secara amnya memang penyengap.

Rupanya dalamannya merupakan artistik. Dia mengingatkan saya kepada diri saya yang semasa kecik dulu. Suka buat kad-kad cenggini.

I loike.


Originality : Check. Minimalistik : Check. Ejaan : Boleh dibaiki lagi. Kecomelan : 101% (kat tice tu)

Kad dibuat dari kertas putih A4. Dilipat supaya kad dapat dibuka macam 2 pintu. Mungkin secara tak sengaja kad telah tergam di bahagian dalam dan tak dapat dibuka.

Maka pengirim : Misteri.

(I hope that snake does not indicate anything about my character. Kids are direct and not double-meaning like adults…i hope.)

Secara jujurnya, zaman sekarang kanak-kanak mana ada pantun empat kerat macam kita tulis zaman surat (lambat macam) siput kita.

Lewat pagi 15 Mei itu saya bagi budak-budak ni kertas untuk buat kad, dan cadangan menghias , termasuklah saya ujarkan guna pantun seperti ” pecah kaca pecah gelas (and so on..”. Ingatkan tak ada yang dengar.

For the record, saya tak pernah pakai bunga di tudung  ke sekolah kecuali brooch yg mikro ja di kepala. Dan tak pernah pakai short sleeve, k. Sekadar illustrasi.

Tapi rasa sangat comel yang apabila budak ni lukis saya, dia juga lukis dirinya merupai saya.

Ini seorang gadis cilik yang cuba ‘menambah’ saya di Mukabuku atas pencarian di Mukabukunya sendiri.

Dan apabila saya mengajat tajuk Hobbies, saya bertanya ” Do you know what do i collect?”. Dia jawab ” Selendang!!”.

Hampir tepat. (Jawapan dalam minda ialah kasut crocs).

Yang paling emas adalah lirik lagu di atas yang saya rasa lagu sukatan matapelajaran muzik.

Terasa dejavu macam lirik perkataan yang saya selalu cakap kalau taktau lirik : “ladidi ladida..”

Kepada kamu, anak muridku, cikgu takkan add kamu di FB sampai kamu cukup umur.

Tetapi terima kasih diatas kesemua ucapan dan nukilan dan hadiah jujur kamu.

You are the reason i become a teacher.

Selamat Hari Guru buat semua guru.

#16 – Come as you are.

” Your views on mainstream music”

Oh nooooooooooo.

I’ve got to be a music critic today?



Too much sex and suggestive lyrics.

And don’t get me started on Idola Kecil.

Yes, they have great voices..but i cringe everytime kids sings suggestive touchy-feely lyrics.

To sing about love ,sex and romance at age 8?

Let kids be kids.

Though on another side, its great that a Malaysian singer is already recognized internationally.

Yes, I’m talking about Yuna.

Had been nominated the Best New Band 2011 at the MTVs.

Collaborated with Pharrell Williams on her last album.

Pharrell from the Neptunes. Neptunes!

Despite what the critics says, I am proud of Yuna.

Listen to her. And tell me her voice does not haunt you.

And i will say you are lying :).

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