Thank You for The Future

School’s out for the year. The Class of 2013 has rung the last bell.

However, my working days are still a week a way. Time to ‘closing books and long last book’ have not ended yet.A lot of loose ends must be tied and packed away.


As i bid adieu to my classes, I felt that i could have done more for them. Sure, it was a great, productive year. I felt I had given all.I had learn from the best mentor, and from zero to a much more capable teacher. I felt like English was really my major.

Every teacher at the end of the year imagine their students walking into the next year class as a perfect human-child example of existence. Okay, so it was only my dream.

So, some of them are still smart-a** es (I mean that in the most loving way ;p). If I wanted robots that followed all my orders, I would had gone into Mecha-tronic Engineering. But shaping little humans is way more fun and i love the challenge.

Today, I also welcomed next year batch of students. Class of 2014. All new 41 faces.

Not much of a difference in terms of “smartness”. If I am still the class teacher next year, I will have my hands full again. I need to pull all the stops and all the tricks to keep them in line.

What fun that will be. Yay.

One story for today (because everyday is a unique story with kids);

I went around asking personal questions about the new class, and to fill time. The question was ” What does your parents do?”. Some of them were sons and daughters of teachers.

A girl, looking quite messy,whether from care or from play, put up her hand. ” Mak saya tukang urut di Singapura …” .(My mom is a masseuse in Singapore).  I did not ask in detail about the job because most of the students are poor. ” Your father?” ” Dia sakit.. (he’s sick)”. Poor her. Poor mom, i remembered thinking.

As i said goodbye ’till next year and hugged each one of them and saying take care, that girl suddenly ran back to me.

She whispered something to me. I said, ” What?”

” Terima kasih kerana mengajar saya tahun depan.. ( Thank you for teaching me next year)..”

I look at her messy face and felt something. I hugged her again and she ran down the stairs.

This is why I am a teacher. For one of these moments.

For many more moments to come.

Happy holidays to all my students. I will miss all of you wrecking up my life, 🙂


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