its 230am in the morning.

tried to sleep from 11pm. awoke.after 2 hours. still cant fall asleep.

another 3hrs to wake up for sahur.

as i blamed the supermoon for my sudden insomnia, i lay awake wondering what to do.

this rarely happens. nearly everytime my head hits the pillow, just needs a few winks then im off till subuh.

what is this feeling that kept me awake?

then i realised its hunger. its so subtle in the stomach but its like a fight or flight response fot me to keep awake to find food.

i have food for iftar just now, Alhamdulillah. i still have food on the fridge for tomorrow`s  sahur too. alhamdulillah.

this made me felt humbled. there are people out there who has been hungry and still is hungry because of no food. no choice.

a great awakening in the middle of the night. in the middle of ramadhan.

as the feeling of hungriness spreads to the legs and my mind is numbing, but still cant sleep, i wondered if i should just eat now.

ya Rabb, help those of our brothers and sisters that is hungry without food and full of desperation. the ones that needs help.give them strength. give them courage. give them hope.

feeling fatigue now. wondered if finally i can sleep. wallahuaqlam.

salam nuzul al-quran. ihya Ramadhan.


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