#13 – Makbul

I just watched the last episode of a series entitles Makbul ( Malay for ‘Prayers Granted’) on Tv1. I can safely say the best drama series I’ve ever watched..this is based on the experience just watching the last episode.

It is about a man who is Islam in name but does not practise it. He is portrayed as an aloof, disillusioned person who lead a good life with a good wife and son, but does not feel the need to be thankful to ALLAH. The story follows about a series of granted prayers of villagers around him, after he put his hands together to pray for them, as requested. The incidents baffles him, as he does not even pray once in his life, just bitter towards life. To add to the confusion and stress, all the villagers rushes to his house asking for him to pray for them, even waiting outside his gates. Calling him a ‘wali’ (saint).

The final episode explains the reasons of such happenings. Turns out a simpleton that the man sent to perform umrah (visit to Mecca) prayed at Raudhah ( a sacred place known to Muslims where upon praying there, Insyallah prayers and wishes will be granted), prayed for the man to have 3 prayers granted. And all the 3 prayers of him for 3 villagers had came true.

In the end, the turn of events made him a believer and he started praying.

One of the dialogues that I love are as below:

A group of villagers came to the house gate to ask for prayers. The gardener/right-hand man said, after trying to shoo them away, and a verbal duel that led to the man being put down, said:

;” You guys are like beggars..”

” How dare you? We didn’t come to ask for money…”

” Asking other person to pray for you while you should be praying and asking from ALLAH yourself, are like beggars..”

This struck a note where the society now relies upon a religious person, or some amulet to perform miracles for them. Where upon in Islam there should  not be any intermediate between us and God.

Doa, or a pray to Him is a direct line, you do not need any operator to connect you to Him. Whoever you are, whatever you had done.

I read about the 3 conditions of our prayers ;

“When He says Yes, He grants it..

when He says No, He means that we will get something better…

when He says Wait, He means we will get it when the time is right..”

Alhamdulillah, sometimes ALLAH grants one prayer immediately, and another one that was lingering, all at the same time.

Praying that it is the best towards all.


P/s : #14 -Dhuha can be read  here , at my other blog kameyrahitamkechil.wordpress.com


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