#12 – Come Whatever, We Will Still Be, Friends Forever

Great Friends

A great friend mentioned me in her status in FB with the poster above attached.

She had went through a really rough years, and Alhamdulillah things has been getting better for her. She had been through my bad times and I also been thorough hers. She is a really strong person and I admire her. And I am happy for her.

You know what’s the most amazing thing about best friends? Really?

The fact that you had the most depressing and lousiest day ever, then when they are near and we spend time with them, somehow we left that space of time feeling elated and happier.

I quote Sister Yasmen Mogahed:

“On our path through this life, we are blessed with meeting special people who help cure the loneliness. Our hearts recognize them almost instantly. This is because our souls were together before this life…and will perhaps be together after this life has passed “

She was referring to this hadith by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W:

“The souls are (like) an army joined (in the world of spirits) whichever souls knew each other (in that world) are attracted towards each other (in this world) and whichever remained distant and indifferent (there) are disinterested to each other (in this world)”

Alhamdulillah, for I have met a few special people that, Wallahuaqlam, my soul had known before in this life.

My BFFs - Haninahlah & Nadiah

My BFFs – Haninahlah & Nadiah

P/S : Haninahlah makes the yummiest and interesting  cupcakes and cakes ever! Check out her bakery at Hani Little Cottage.


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