#8 – Nobody Knows Us Here

Daily Prompt : Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.

“Abang Yunus?”

” Yes, my pretty little sister, Aisyah?” enquired the boy, although nervous and frightened himself, tried to compliment his sister to make her forget where they are.

” Why are we running away?” asked the little girl, maybe just a year younger than her brother. Face smudged, clothes soiled from sitting on the pavement. The rain did not help much. Both of them were soaked and splashed by a car that zoomed past a muddy puddle.

The boy let out a loud sigh. His eyes flickered by the Barbie doll his sister is holding close to her heart.

” Just for fun. You must not ask too much question,ok?”. The girl nodded. Her brother smiled. ” Let Abang see your Barbie..” the boy opens up his palms towards his sister and encloses the doll slowly.

” Wow, very pretty. It looks like you. Long beautiful hair. Nice smile..what will you name her?”

” Baity..” his sister shyly smiled. The boy was suddenly silent of the resonance of the name.

Suddenly, loud shout from the end of the tunnel heard. ” There they are!!”

“Quick, Aisyah..run!!”. They started to run as mightily as they can, as though as the Devil is chasing.

“Stop, you thief!!”…faintly heard over the commotion of the rain and traffic. Both of them sped past a few shophouses and come to a clearing. They quickly headed towards the dumpster, sprinting towards an old, rusty car abandoned as others junks are.

Both abruptly sat down to catch their breaths. Panting, for a few minutes.

” Abang Yunus…”

” Yes..my..pretty..sister..” Breathlessness holds him back from replying clearly.

” Is he gone? Don’t let him take away my Baity. You said you bought it for me.” Lips put together sulkily, somehow made the situation worse.

” Yes, Baity can stay.” The boy decided to just hid the truth.” Don’t worry, nobody knows us here…they can’t take away your Baity..”

A grin lights up the girls face, and she hugs her brother.

” I love you too, my pretty little sister. This place is our Baity now. This place is our home..”. His sister looked up to him from her hug, for at a moment trying to comprehend his meaning.

She smiles. She turns to her doll. ” Hello, Baity Barbie. Welcome to out Baity, our home..”. Both chuckled, for a moment forgetting the harsh reality of days to come.

*Abang – Malay word for’ brother’

* Baity – Arabic word for ‘home’


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