#6 – Inspiration

Inspiration from everything

One of the rare blogs where it’s gonna be full of pictures of me.

I’m kind of a reclusive when it comes to my own pictures in this blog because I feel its better for my own writing to show who I really am.

The Daily Post post a  Special Photo Challenge  : “Show us photos of yourself doing things that inspire you to blog.”

After ten years of writing, even when my own mother asks me what do I write about?, I am still dumbfounded to answer quickly.” Stuffs..” I answered in defiance. She’s just learned about  Internet and Youtube , so it seems far off she will become my follower on WordPress.com . I forgive you, Ma.

Most of my writings come from my musings on being a teacher to adorable kids. My sixth going on seventh year being a teacher, from a Science to English teacher, and also in turn the kids taught me a lot about life, the way I see it and the way they see it. The way that I sometimes overcome the obstacle of a new and still learning teacher, and the pedagogy in the classroom, by being ( at times, literally!) one of them. They had taught me to always have a young heart.

::30 going on 13::

Some of the time, I reflect on the life and how it makes me feels.

:: Crashing the Hard Rock Hotel in Penang::

My adventures with my friends and family.

::Crazy family time in Malacca::

How being an aunt brings out the maternal sides of me. It also helps to the cute factor to have a handsome toddler to tag along.

::excuse my creepy face::

And almost all of the time, what I write about is being myself. A nerd who just loves writing about everything.

:: Goofing off at Tesco::


6 thoughts on “#6 – Inspiration

    • crazy is still my nickname haha. i have this birthday tradition that i always celebrate my birthday with my students, and have one iconic birthday picture. the second picture was this years 😉

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