Cabaran “100 Words A Day”


Okay, jadi saya tak memiliki sebarang tablet Android atau telefonpintar seperti di atas.

Saya hanya memiliki writer’s block.

Idea tersumbat. Cuti pula panjang.

So, the storymory-nya adalah seperti berikut: (dipetik dari blog A Splintered Mind)

What are the rules?

  1. Try to write 100 words a day (pick one of these goals), at least six days a week. You’re obviously not limited to such a small amount. Write 50,000 words in one day if you want. Just make sure you write at least another 100 words the next day. And the day after.
  2. Keep at the daily goal for one month. That’s 30 days of steady practice. If you make it for 30 days, step up your daily goal.
  3. Go ahead and post the badge as soon as you’ve written your first 100 words. Just be honest with yourself. You are your only watchman.
  4. Display your badge proudly. You know how big a deal it is. I’m lucky I remember to eat, never mind write, so I know the challenge represents more than a word count. It represents a change in lifestyle. Link back here so others can join in on the fun. Click on one of the badges above for more info.


Hari ini 16 November 2012, maka akan berlangsung selama 30 hari sampai lebihkurang 15-16 Disember 2012.

Idea juga akan diambil dari website creativewritingprompts.

Beberapa hari sebelum harus bertugas semula (kenapa? kenapa terlalu awal???????????????) pada 17 Disemberr (kejam!!)

Rasa eksaited dah bermula. Tapi suatu cabaran yang hebat.

Doakan semoga saya berjaya.


p/s: boleh kira yang ini tak sebagai post pertama?

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