Sacrifice and Being At Peace

the story of Aidiladha and a pair of Nike’s

Today, 9th Zulhijjah, the holy month of pilgrimage to Mecca by the Muslims worldwide. The ‘wukuf’  at Arafah is done today, where the pilgrims have to stay at Arafah , one of the holy activities needed to be completed during the Hajj.

The Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. encourage the Muslims who are not able yet to perform the Hajj to fast today as the act will ‘dikaffarah’ (be forgiven) the sins of past year and the year ahead.

Tomorrow, my family and I will be celebrating (loosely translated) the Celebration of Sacrifice, Hari Raya Korban, which is Aidiladha. The story of the great act of sacrifice Prophet Ibrahim upon Prophet Ismail, his beloved son by request for his unparalleled love to ALLAH somehow resonates this year.

Truthfully, not travelling back to my hometown to celebrate this year ( an annual tradition; inclusive of Aidilfitri recently) is not that all sacrifice as huge as Prophet Ibrahim did. My family is here all to just be a tiny cluster of fun in this somehow ‘foreign’ local place.

It is interesting to note somehow coincidently in Daily asked its blogger to share a story about something precious that had been lost. And how the both tomorrow and the story has a tie-in.

I am one of the persons who rarely lose stuff . Alhamdulillah, because due to the constant busy-ness, it is an act of God, truthfully. Nearly everytime i lost something, I always got it back no matter what. Only on one occasion.

I had bought a RM 200+ Nike Woman’s sport shoes in 2010.For someone who is a scrooge to buy stuffs over RM100, this is a really rare act. I needed the push to keep exercising due to the parallel increase of weight according to age.

I cherish the white with fluorescent yellow swoosh so much, everytime after I used it, I  will keep it inside the box. It stayed by me during the last months of fitness at Borneo and a few months at this new place.

What happens next were actually gaps in my memory. Maybe I got sloppy in loving it because, shamefully, I always leave it at school as I always use it there as I am a PE teacher. Was it stolen? Another theory was i left it inside my car during a carwash and someone stole it. Whatever it is, I just realized one day it was gone.

Dumbfounded. Stunned. Feeling stupid. Remorse. The ‘why-did’nt-I..” scenario kept playing in my mind.

One day, I heard this story from a sermon in TV. An uztaz recounted of a story of a man who went into a gold shop during the mid-day prayer time, Zuhur and found that the door was unlocked and nobody was there. He looked over the counter, and saw the owner was praying. The man waited for the owner to finish, and asked him “why did’nt you locked the door when you were praying?”. The owner said something like ” Sir, all of these, none of it is truly mine. All of these is truly ALLAH’s. What is His bestowment upon me is my Fate.Sir, if you need some, please take what you need..” The man was touched and soon afterwards embraced Islam.

I felt that it was just. I finally let go of the episode, as I felt maybe somewhere, someone needed it more badly than I do.

Sure, it was expensive. Yes, stealing (if it was..) is bad. But, its okay if He decided it was not meant to be to own it further. As life itself is actually a loan.

I hope, wherever it is, whoever has it, will make his/her life better. And I had made my peace with that. Alhamdulillah.

Salam Aidiladha to all the Muslims around the world. May your sacrifices be blessed always and with that comes the inner peace. Amin.


2 thoughts on “Sacrifice and Being At Peace

  1. I admire your attitude towards your loss.It happened to me once during the month of Ramadhan (a coincidence..?I don’t think so!) and I lost my diamond wedding ring while moving a dying kitten after it got hit by a car to the side of the road.When I realised my loss,I said prayer that when I went back to look for it and it wasn’t there,then I hoped that whoever found it was someone who needed money for their family and I made the ring halal for them to sell.Allahu A’lam.Anyway,it helped me find closure over my loss.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • A wedding ring is very precious and i understand it must had been a great loss. Indeed, we are only human to grief over what is lost from us. Hoping for someother person who found it, and really needs it somehow soothes our emotion in a way, isnt it :). Insyaallah, our rezeki maybe lies in something better. Thank you for your touching comment.

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