it’s 4am in the morning.conversation gets boring.

Been awake 1 hour already. And i’m sleepy again. The green tea, supposably to rejuvenate, is not working. I’ve been asleep since 9pm so i’ve enough time.

It’s rather ironic that from my frequent experience of waking up early in the morning, is that when i wake up earlier that 6.00, its practically a battle with my alarm (handphone) snooze button.

It’s like Bzzzzz..(4am) [snooze] bzzzz 4.05am [snooze] bzzzzzzz 4.10 bzzzzzzzzzz [snooze]. and i’m sleepy but my mind is racing with ” since when is 5 minutes turns to 1 second?”. In the end i woke up.

I know you’re wondering why am i not doing my work instead of ladida ladidi -ing here.

It turns out the system (SAPPBS..long story about Malaysia’s new online education grading system) has its “time-portal” where sometime during the wee hours of the morning, you can actually get around 10 minutes of clear, unwarped system thats hassle free.

I got to grading up to 4 students then 5am came. Then it’s hassle-ful.

5am onwards the day ; It’s a game of patience.

You log in, and the circle-thing goes round and round until 2 minutes. Then you key in the usual things to get in , and round and round. you chooses the particular and again round-round. then only to discover you have somehow logged out again. 

Its like this door when you unlocked it to find yourself outside still. 

Love hate relationship. I say to myself “so whatever..” and walk away doing something else, but at the same time glance or pass by the laptop to peek at the round thing again.

I have this choice to shut down my computer and go fold the evermounting pile of clean clothes (yeah, the highlight of my day-to-day. existence) or sleep before the 6am alarm goes off.

Funny note: when i’m awake (again) at 6am, i will be fresher than now. What is it about waking up later??

Hmm. A woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do.

See you at 6am. Haha.




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