The Metaphore of North South Expressway

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Its one of those days when i felt really ugly.

I look in the mirror before i go out and wondered “what the hell am i wearing?”.

People around seems to be going somewhere and doing something or achieving something.

Luckily, the wage just came in and i splurged on a few clothes.

Its a wonder what shopping does to your mood. Amazing.

And to top it, i have to be the solo-driver back to Kedah.

I always get this nervous jitter when faced with something i need to take charge in.

” Oh Ya Rabb. 6 hours..will i be able to do this? What if my car broke down in the middle of nowhere? What if i get sleepy? What if I feel that i can’t drive anymore?What if..?”

Luckily, my Ma is beside me to give me the moral support.

Alhamdulillah, i arrived at my hometown 6 hours after i started driving from Kota Damansara. Elated and feels therapeutic.

What have i learnt from this experience?

#1 – The Power of Do’a – silly to say that i learnt the doa for travellling from my students as they have to stand in line and recite it before finishing the day. We may plan and plan but if He is Most Powerful upon our fate. (yes , i do say the prayer in a sing-song-ey melody like they do).

#2 – Expect the Worst – though my next routine car check-up is in August, i still asked for the petrol station attendant to check whatever is necessary for a long trip.  Along the drive i saw many cars sided on the emergency lane and Thank Allah i was not one of them.

#3 – To Achieve a High Goal, set a few small goals and when upon reaching it, reward yourself – 6 hours driving is daunting. ” So okay i aim to reach Tapah first then stop for a drink. ” ” Great, let’s aim for Sungai  Perak and stop for gas” ” Phew, lunch at Gunung Semanggol-lah alang-alang” ” Now, let’s drive all the way home..and eat at Marrybrown Giant!”

#4 – Set your standards, and try your best to achieve it – Unconciously, ( now that i realise it) when i drive long distance i try not to be directly behind a car; meaning i feel the need to overtake every car in front of me until there is a great gap between cars. Only in that gap that i pull back and stay in the middle lane..until i came up to a car in front of me. And the “game” begins again. Then out of the blue., it’s my next pitstop 500m away.

#5 – Obstacles sometimes is a time to sit back and relax, and panic will just confuse you-  I came upon a traffic after a long non stop drive, then i decided just relax and daydream to the music. Then turns out it was a police roadblock and i panicked and searched for my driving license and couldn’t find the recent one. Afterwards at the next pitstop, turns out the ‘old’ one was the recent one because i wrongly looked at the renewal date.

#6-  Be thankful for what happen to you, and what did’nt, because ALLAH knows better – I came upon another traffic and kept mumbling and complaining..then to realised that it is because of an accident. I thanked ALLAH that i was not involved in it because i am sure the lorry just overtook me minutes ago.

#7- The importance of cheerleaders in the race of life – My mom is such a great co-driver. She tries to be awake most of the time because she knows her sleeping will get me ‘infected’, and she is such a joker that kept me awake laughing my head off. I love you Mama!

#8- Life is like a movie. Choose the right soundtrack to get in the mood – My car is still CD based (as opposed to USB-readied nowadays)  but i have no recent songs. So i go through all the radio stations along the way, through all the states searching for the songs that i can sing to. ( My sister and me always duet a do-able songwhile driving, like The Boy is Mine).

Like a saying in Malay , ” Gold rain showers in other people’s place, (but) stone  rains in in own’s place, but it it always better in owns place..”

Hoping to have a great rest in Kedah. Amin.


2 thoughts on “The Metaphore of North South Expressway

  1. juz arrived after 5 hours drive…yours better, still latest using CD, mine still cassette,dinosaur age… 😀

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