*Wandering Weekend { Put A Ring On It }*

*Wandering Weekend : edisi saya melayari blog-blog/laman-laman sesawang untuk mencari bahan yang menarik hujung-hujung minggu ni untuk mencari inspirasi, atau sekadar reblog*

Saya jumpai sajak menarik karya saudara Aiman Azlan di blog beliau: –

What Single Muslim Sister says

I am available but not for sale,

Don’t you ever expect me in your mail,

There’s only one story beneath this veil,

It’s modesty, and not an ad to hail,

Woo me not because you will surely fail,

You really really think I am that frail?

You’re not a hammer and I’m not a nail,

Don’t want a boyfriend, don’t want that ale,

I would prefer to be stuck in a jail,

But I’m free of you and your fairytale,

If you want me then be the alpha male,

Don’t hide in your shell like a slimy snail,

Be my husband, by Allah we stand still.

Interesting, is it not?

Blunt, at times, but remember, a guy wrote this.

Well said 🙂


{Reminds me of a cartoon i saw once, ada sorang muslim ni berkata ” Aku nak kawin!” Kawannya kata ” Gatalnya!”. Di partition sebelah sana, sorang muslim ni kata ” Aku nak girlfren..”. Kawannya cakap..”Wah, bagusla!”. Lets think about that}


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