#22 – Wali keramat

“#19 – Disrespecting your parents”

:: remember remember::

This topic has been long kept in the Draft attic of my blog.

As my 30 day blog challenge lazily extends itself to a nearly-quarter-a year blog challenge, i often wondered myself whether this jumping-here-and there topic is a way to actually not deal with difficult topics.

Such as this.

As i have just 8 topics to go to finish this, there are times along the road to 30 that i need to delve into my inner conscience, run with it to the end of the cliff..and jump.

I always say to people that although i have a “sharp” mouth, my heart is soft. Kinda like my bark is worse than my bite. One of my student sat very still and quiet in class that when i asked the reason to his classmates, ” he’s scared of you, teacher..”

Unfortunately, my teacher persona most of the time creeps into my personal time.

My mother as a sole parent of this family for now had countlessly forgiven this daughter of her for uncouth behaviour, later regretted.

I have not meant to be disrespectful, its just sometimes i forget that i am talking to someone who has patiently raised me and 2 other children singlehandedly for nearly 20+ years of my life. Because most of the time i see her as my bestfriend. But still, a parent first and foremost.

I pray everyday that ALLAH gave me the patience He bestows my mother, so that i have it more and more as i take care of her. 

And once i had disrespected my late father by uttering some foul language , he took off his belt to whip me and i ran off and hide under the bed. I smile everytime i remember that incident.

And now, i rarely ever use foul words to anyone. Thank you, Abah for giving me a valuable lesson.

I try to be a better child to both of u, so that mine will learn from that experience.

Ya Rabb, help me to be a better child. And forgive my parents and me for their and my sins. Amin.

“And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him.  And that you be dutiful to your parents.  If one of them or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of disrespect, nor shout at them but address them in terms of honour.” (Quran 17:23)


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