#16 – Come as you are.

” Your views on mainstream music”

Oh nooooooooooo.

I’ve got to be a music critic today?



Too much sex and suggestive lyrics.

And don’t get me started on Idola Kecil.

Yes, they have great voices..but i cringe everytime kids sings suggestive touchy-feely lyrics.

To sing about love ,sex and romance at age 8?

Let kids be kids.

Though on another side, its great that a Malaysian singer is already recognized internationally.

Yes, I’m talking about Yuna.

Had been nominated the Best New Band 2011 at the MTVs.

Collaborated with Pharrell Williams on her last album.

Pharrell from the Neptunes. Neptunes!

Despite what the critics says, I am proud of Yuna.

Listen to her. And tell me her voice does not haunt you.

And i will say you are lying :).


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