#14 – Coco Heart

” Your earliest memory”

:: My late Abah with my brothers::

My late father, Allahyarham Ahmad Zaki b. Khalid

Nearly all my earliest memories involves him.

Lots of people said he was eccentric. I think it was just genius.

People say ” No guy would ever measure up to a girl’s father”.

Deep down, somewhat, its true.

He had this favourite song by Elton John, Sacrifice played over and over again when i was little.

For a long time, i thought the song was titled “Coco Heart” because i kept hearing the chorus “Cold Cold Heart” sounded like Coco.

I was like ” Is it chocolate or something?”.

If he had heard my thought, surely he would laugh his laugh ” Hi hi hi hi hi hi!”.

Sounds like “he” exactly repeated. Original laugh ever.

No one i ever met in my life after him laughed like that.

At times i missed him.

“Cold, cold heart
Hard done by you
Some things lookin’ better, baby
Just passin’ through
And it’s no sacrifice
Just a simple word
It’s two hearts livin’
In two separate world
But, it’s no sacrifice
No sacrifice
It’s no sacrifice, at all..”

Al-Fatihah, Abah.

Rest forever in peace. I pray for you everyday.


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