#6 & # 7- Its all about me, Singa Muda :)

Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

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0. .i sebenarnya speakie , kei..

1. My full name (minus my dad’s) has no repeated letters.

2. I have two birthdays in a year. Really i do.

3.Though credits to a great high school, and my English teachers. i learn English mostly from memorizing movie lines and songs. (This is the truth, besides reading Mills & Boons of course.)

4. Have met Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shah, Dr. Fadhillah Kamsah, Dato Mahathir Lokman, Dato Puad Zarkasyhi (Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran) dan Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. (at formal occasions).

30. I feel narcissist really to tell all about myself so this is just it. (hence the crazy numbering)


“Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality”

(For the record, i dont believe in horoscope, it’s syirik, that is to believe other than ALLAH has the power to control/dictate your fate. So this is just an intelluctual discussion.)


"i pakai contact lens biru, okay.."

Excerps from  Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_(astrology)

The people under this sign are considered by most modern astrologers as natural leaders–> ( half the time i just want to be a follower)

. They are also considered as outgoing–> ( lately feels ingoing) , proud(well..) , warm-hearted ( i cry in emotional moment) , and from their wish to excel in all they do( yes, i really want to be the best in all i do, )

. Leo personalities are known to love those they are close with and they wish to protect and defend all those that need it.—> (so true!!!)

They are people that enjoy flattery and attention from others but when not loved or when they are not reciprocated they become depressed, self-pitying and self-destructive.–> ( truthfully who doesnt? be honest? if not kenapa upload gambar-gambar kat FB and ada tab LIKE ? self destructive, no)

Individuals in this sign need love and recognition from others to boost their ego and they demand it like something for granted.–> (ey? do i demand it??)

People born under this sign are also invariably materialistic they set a great value to material boons and strive to financial success.–> (apa maksud variably? haha..ya saya mmg strive to financial success, tho not in a hurry)

They are known to have plenty of worshipers but also many hidden enemies and they are normally recognized by their self-absorbed personality and their big ego–>.(sapa worshipers? who doesnt have enemies?…….apa maksud ego? haha)


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