10 Things Thats Cute When You Think About It

10 Facts I didnt Know before I became Mak Ngah:

1. Love at first sight exist. Seriusly.

2. You fee like there will be no other baby as handsome or more handsome than your nephew (except my own future son, of course).

3. One month’s baby can mimic you, as far as they can go. Khalil will look directly at me and try to repeat what i do and say (refer to number 4 and 5).

4.All babies from the past and now and future will try babble talk ‘Akkkkhh…ee’. My mom was repeating this to my nephew and i was like ‘ what are you doing’ ridicilously..now i’m the fool who’s ‘Akkkhh..eee’ like crazy because, yes, babies do respond to this.

5. ‘Do the robot dance’ is applicable to one months. I was doing Mr Roboto , and he was flanging his hands around like ‘ Ok Mak Ngah, lets do this rite’. Yeah, Khalil! (this includes in doing silly things to amuse and get responses from babies)

6. You start referring yourself to as the 3rd person. ” Alololo, come here to Mak Ngah..”.

7. Persons, including self who is still unsure, who you’d think lastly would baby talk, starts doing it. Example is Mr. Tetam with his ‘magic crabby fingers’. (You know who you are…)

8. Babies are more clever than you think. So dont underestimate them and their abilities to manipulate you, in an adorable way.

9. Everytime you see him, you either just feels like giving some tough love (pinching him,biting etc) or just succumb to kissing him all over senselessly.

10. You find yourself with head sideways thinking whether this crocodile baby outfit would look cute, or that zebra striped getup at the baby shop you just casually walk in as you decided that it will be just window shopping for the day.


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