::30 hari men-cha-ri chen-ta::


Haven’t written in English for a long time.

Weird isn’t it? Because english had been my primary medium before.

But then i realised, my written BM is getting worse and i challenged myself to write in BM.

And that was, like what, 2,3 years back.

Befitting the current situation of my life with my rock and roll love affair with english, and teaching it as my major.

Anniversary of my 1 month in the new place was 10 days ago. And if anyone was keeping up-to-date with the current happenings of moi’, a lot had happened.

Life will be busier than usual cause i left the easy, moderate pace of life back in Limbang, and opted for some change. Left because He guided me that it was the choice . So I did.

And, boy, change did i get. i am not teaching my major at all, which is Science due to some bereaucracy. I am now, believe it or not, the Head of Physical & Health Education Comittee (thats  Ketua Panitia PJK) due to my minnie-minor in PJK , which is quite a huge jump from being Head of the Science Comittee before. So 2 days a week i am working out the sweats with the 30-40 students of Year 1 and Year 2. Which i think is very havoc, but still cute that i can boss them around and they still look me up with their adoring eyes. (<— i did not make this up, ha ha)

::in action::

Another huge change is i teach all the 3 classes of english Year 2, with each 30 pax. and i actually surprised myself to find that i find it easier (gasp!) to teach english than Science! and surprisingly, i love teaching all the 3 classes that varies in their level of understanding.

All the projects i wanted to do before, that could’nt because of my commitment to Year 6 in the last school, and the limited amount of student, is in progress and will be done in the future. And i am excited as i had done 3 of them, and one of them is ongoing with the bright student. My only regret is that i am too busy to capture the ongoing projects in class with my G11.

Another thing that someone remarked, ” lisa dapat 30 waktu ek?”. really? then i checked (cause im such a huh person sometimes). So i am.. for the time being felt that it was okay (30 x 1/2 hour = 900 minutes a week!)  i had around 25 before.

::huge change in numbers..but fun to do activities::

Some huge change gonna ‘interrupt’ my English teaching is going to happen next week, and although i appreciate the effort, i hate the the lack of the PR skills of the foreigner that is appointed by the government in the mentorship programme. i try to like the person but seriusly, my goody-two-shoes has its limit.

I don’t like to complaint in my blog so this is ‘silence is better than talking’.

So, overall, profesionally, thats my 30 days.


p/s: oh yes, i am participating in the A Post A Week 2011 in wordpress.com and started the long awaited kameyrahitamkechil.wordpress, my photography blog, also in participance of A Post A Day 2011. Do drop by :).



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