*dalam hati ada buku*

::metafora buku::


Suatu hari  minggu lepas, tatkala saya ada terlalu banyak masa lapang, saya meneliti setiap status kawan saya di Wall feed Mukabuku. Terlintas soalan universal tersebut yang saya rasa nak memberi pendapat, kerana dari seorang kawan sekerja saya dahulu. Kadang-kadang statusnya mengundang persoalan dan provokasi.  Dan saya pula ada masa terluang:

Mr. I  : is very sure that he can trust you with his life. Can you do the same?

    • saya:  hmm.

    • Mr. I : Iye lisa.. Lisa tak pecaya ye… Hehe..
    • saya :  percaya saya ya. percaya u? hmmm

    • Mr. I :Aiseh aisehh… Of course.. My sttmnt there is so true.. =D
    • saya:  ‎(mmg suka buat statement mengundang provokasi kan ha ha ha)

    • Mr. I: 

      Hehehe.. I was walking back home just now when i think of all d people that close to me. And yes, it surprises even me myself. To think that there’s a loads of them woman n man alike, whom i can trust my life with them..  

      God bless them all.. =D

    • saya: i hesitated because of your profile pic. 🙂  

      (** notakaki pambaca blog: profilepic beliau adalah mengundang provokasi bagi wanita, iaitu konteks ini ,saya)

    • Mr. I : Kuikuikuikui.. Sometimes, there’s always more than what meets the eye. Its more than just a facade. =]
    • saya : at times we cannot read the book yet..just have to glance at the cover..u know..ha ha ha

    • Mr. I:  To know d book is to read d book. (well at least, d prolog ler.. Hehehheheh…) kalu glance2, tau tajuk je ler.. =P
    • saya : thats y it really judging the book by its cover in a huge bookstore, cause to have time to go through one by one…thats y the bestsellers at times have great covers. most of the time..u get the methapore. he he..

    • saya:  but i think your profile pic will be a bestseller in the Men’s Section ha ha ha

    • Mr. I:
      Agree.. Couldnt agree more. If we were to read throughly each books, all the time in a person’s life wouldnt be enough to get it thru. Just skim d content, look for a good cover and hope & pray that the content will speaks the cover loudly…
    • saya:

      ‎:). yes, if your profile pic is a cover of a book in the section, it will be Top 5 Most Viewed..  

      sbb tu at times, its not that people are shallow to judge the book by its cover, but we decide based on what we see 1st, then if its ‘dekat di hati’, we pick it up and get to know the book better..


      (**notakaki kepada pembaca blog: kemudian beberapa hari kemudian, status beliau yang lain juga (yang mungkin kurang manis saya rasa nak sebut di sini) semakin mengundang provokasi pada pandang pertama, menyebabkan saya terlintas nak mencelah lagi 😉

  • saya :  ‎(kahwin cepat)

  • Mr I:  Waaaaaaaaaa… Kawen tu bole je. Tapi, Nak kasi anak org tu makan pe? Takkan makan maggi je.. =D
  • saya : insyallah,bila berniat baik dan berusaha, rezeki Dia akan kurniakan..

  • Mr. I : Aaaa.. Betol2.. Rezeki bole dicari.. Napa plak tak tepikir psl tu.. Ishhh..
  • saya :  kenapa rasa macam sindiran jer tu 🙂

  • Mr. I : Waattt?? No la.. Tu mmg serius lor. My thot is dat, start dr couple, every expenses shud come from me. Camene tu?
  • saya : hmm..well. from my point of view, xpayah couple, terus masuk meminang..save expenses, and dapat pahala niat baik ..dan tak dapat perkara yg tak baik..rite? :). my idea..

  • Mr. I:
    Wish it cud be easy as that. Time is essential n crucial for us to know d content of d book. And i think, we ought to take time to know d content rather than just fall in love with d facade n d beautiful cover. =] 

    Coz its d person whom we want to spend d rest of our life with. Through thick n thin. Kan kan.. =)

  • saya:
    ah. back to the book theory. i guess im just pass the stage where i just want to go thru book halfway each book in a bookstore, to find that somewhere in the plot that i dont like or doesnt agree, and pick another book. No book is perfect.  

    Commit to buying the book, leave the store, sit down in a comfy couch and to live with the wrongs and rights of the plot. and you yourself will adjust accordingly to the book. Not every book is a happy book, but we try to make it..:)

    Istiqarah. Insyallah. My theory actually.

  • Mr. I : I like ur theory somuch! =D 

    I’m also a book. Everyone’s a book. And when two books comes together, like other series of books, it compliments n completes each other! Wahhh!! Me likey!

    Yap yap.. Istikharah is d best way to decide.

  • saya : ‎:). thank u for helping me theorizes this . rasa nk copy our whole ‘book conversation’ to my blog for a story..

  • saya : permisson for copying? i will put your name anynomous..  

  • Mr. I : Sure sure.. =] 

    Aiseh.. Talking about blog ni. Mine have already berkarat n bersawang such. Jeguk2 pun tidak.. Arghhh!!!

  • saya : like i said, usaha tangga kejayaan. make time and you will have time ..:). this is gonna be a good blog..

  • Mr. I :  I bet it will be! =D 

    Publish it here once u’ve finished writing okeh. =)


    ::in the bookstore, looking for THE book ;)::

    (** seperti dijanji, saya telah blogkan. ini pendapat saya mengenai perkara ini… apa pendapat anda pula? 😉


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